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Dimond Home - 7011-036 - Plaid - 33.5 Side ChestWhite Finish
Collection: Plaid, Material: Solid Mahogany/Glass, Width/Diameter: 32.00", Height: 33.50", Length: 18.50", - Desc: the Black Mount to the River Tweed. Presenting our Plaid Casegood Collection Side Chest: Gloss White Solid Mahogany frame. Smartly thatched “setts” of glazing bars arrayed over sturdy dark glass doors; echoing the distinctive warp and weft of classic Gaelic patterning. Perch it next to the bed adorned with a gorgeous lamp; beneath an oil portrait of a dashing Scottish Laird. Tasteful, multilayered Grey interior.
Price: 878.00



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