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Dimond Home - 3200-015/S2 - 20 Tray (Set of 2)Golden Pewter/Brown Finish
Material: Metal/Plastic Rattan, Width/Diameter: 20.00", Height: 3.00", Length: 20.00", - Desc: If presentation werenÂ’t everything, there would be no need for a multicolored Belgian Chocolate drinking straw. And much like that divinely invented social delicacy, our Rumbaba Series Banded Metal Trays, with their cooly urbanesque woven banding, stylish arched handles, and distinctive Golden Pewter with Espresso color story, are a perfect example of good function meeting even better taste. Imagine these two loaded up with steaming double cappuccinos, and a round of personal-size gingerbread houses made from deep fried Snickers.
Price: 178.00



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