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Dimond Home - 3200-011 - 42 Metallic Petal Surround MirrorMuted Arabica Gold Finish
Material: Metal/Mirror, Width/Diameter: 42.00", Height: 42.00", Depth/Extension: 3.00", - Desc: the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, our Malayalem Metallic Petal Surround Mirror features fanciful, nested petals of carefully detailed metal that seem to dance and spin their way to an organized center mirror, like a forest-hued garland radiating from a shimmering pool of rainwater. At 42 inches, the deliciously symmetrical Malayalem is a substantial and contemporary focal point perfect for a loft, or to adorn a central hearth. Stunning Muted Gold finish. Can Hang Vertically Or Horizontally Mirror Dimensions: 17 x 17.
Price: 298.00



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