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Dimond Home - 1114-171 - Diamond - 62 ShelfGold Leaf Finish
Collection: Diamond, Material: Metal/Glass, Width/Diameter: 48.00", Height: 62.00", Length: 20.00", - Desc: the basis of world CURRENCY, Gold is an excellent conductor of HEAT and ELECTRICITY; and as it happens, we usually want our furnishings to be HOT, ELECTRIC, AND CURRENT. Introducing our impossible-to-ignore Vanguard Series Gold Leaf Mirrored Shelf: An opulent framework of slender gilded bars supporting a cleverly rhythmic formation of mirrored shelving; the largest of which creates a central focal point oozing with mid-century flair. Make it the pièce de résistance for that chic office reboot.
Price: 1458.00



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